"Expose yourself!
Show me your tattooed spine and star-encrusted tongue!
Admit your feral snarl, your bloody jaws
concede your nature and reveal your dreams!
each beast contains its god, all gods are dreams
all dreams are true"

Lenore Kandel, excerpt from Freak Show and Finale (via fernsandmoss)

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"Rebellion is individual action; it has nothing to do with the crowd. Rebellion has nothing to do with politics, power, violence. Rebellion has something to do with changing your consciousness, your silence, your being. It is a spiritual metamorphosis."

Osho (via lucifelle)

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"All the hardest, coldest people you meet,
were once as soft as water.
And that’s the tragedy of living."

Iain S. Thomas  (via safeguards)

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"Is it strange to realize that these days will be our stories? Is it cliche? These will be our stories and our parents have stories like these, but they don’t tell them to us. And maybe our parents don’t even tell each other because maybe they don’t remember days like these or maybe they never thought they were all that important. They are though. The summer days and the bonfires and the love for so many people and so many things. The standing on the edge of so much and being so ready to jump, but so, so afraid. You will never tell your children about that feeling on these days because you won’t be able to. You won’t remember it when you wake up tomorrow, let alone decades from now. Even if you write it down, you can’t quite capture it. It is strange to realize that today is your story. It is cliche. So go ahead, live your story and then let it curl up inside you and stay forever or bleed out of you when it is ready."

"Your Story" by Claire Luisa (via claireluisa)

It has to be today

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Ser skater, no es ser vago. Ser hip-hopero no es ser ladron. No ser femenina no es ser lesbiana. NO ser masculino no es ser gay. No reir no es ser depresivo. Reír no quiere decir que eres feliz. No llorar no quiere decir que no tengas sentimiento. Ser gorda no quiere decir que no eres hermosa. Ser delgada no te hace ser hermosa. No hablar no te hace antisocial. Que tengas Tumblr no te hace tumblero



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